Direcci髇 General de Sanidad Militar

Direccion General de Sanidad Militar


jueves, mayo 24, 2012

a Operational Health within the Armed Forces Health Subsystem, will focus on the provision of health services in relation to health in the field, naval medicine and aerospace medicine.
b Operational Health as an essential part of the subsystem of Health of the Armed Forces and of each of the Forces, prioritize the health personnel and necessary as a means of supporting military operations and also examine, strengthen, integrate and deploy training programs, training and instruction related to operational health.
c Directorate General of Military Health will seek financial sustainability for the Subsystem Health of Military Forces, through the effective and rational utilization of its resources, ensuring the provision of quality health service to all users.
d Strengthen the network of health services internally and externally through the system of referral and ensuring that users of the Subsystem Health of Military Forces are served with quality criteria.
e Bringing forward a process of improvement and / or maintenance of the military health establishments, which draw their geographical location, caring capacity, physics and technology, ensuring the provision of quality health services.
f The Health Subsystem of Military Forces will apply public health model based on the competencies of the strategic, executive and operational level, taking into account the regulations on quality management systems and internal controls in place, the agreements issued by Superior Health Council of the Armed Forces and National Police and other health standards issued by national government, so that the military health system becomes a fort with the maximization of human and physical resources, avoiding duplication of effort.
g The Directorate General of Military Health will determine the selection processes for centralized procurement of goods and services in order to gain economies of scale and reduce administrative costs in the logistics chain.
h The new investment projects should be justified by supply and demand studies, resource optimization and integration of administrative services and assistance, based on the principle of comprehensiveness and user population needs to be filled.
i Directorate General of Military Health based on the ceilings which were assigned to developing the Framework of Medium Term Expenditure during the period 2007 to 2010, will prioritize spending levels taking into account the commitments made under future validation, the costs necessary for the provision of health services and new spending intended to be run.
j The Area of Computer Science belonging to Department of Military Health will centralize the database of the Subsystem Health of Military Forces in order to provide accurate information, timely and accurate at any level, enabling decision making and advance corrective actions.
k Development of Integrated Information System attached to Subsystem Health Forces is one of the priorities of the Directorate General of Military Health in order to provide a mechanism for the effective management of the subsystem administration of the Armed Forces Health.
l Human resource management will be centralized in the Directorate General of Military Health in order to have the same comprehensive planning, avoiding duplication of functions and red tape in administrative positions, streamlining information flow and reducing response times.
m Establish a uniform and functional structure that can meet the mission in a coordinated and articulated way by the different components of the Armed Forces Subsystem.
n Agreements to be signed by the Military Health Department with the Central Military Hospital will observe, inter alia, the provision of services within the level of complexity, within the criteria and parameters established by the Reference System and Counter.
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