Direcci髇 General de Sanidad Militar

Direccion General de Sanidad Militar


lunes, noviembre 30, 2009

a) To direct the operation and functioning of the health subsystem of the Armed Forces subject to the guidelines issued by the CSSMP.
b) Manage the Fund - Account Subsystem Health of Military Forces.
c) To coordinate and administer the collection of contributions by the members of the Health Subsystem Military Forces, the employer contribution that is Article 36 and other revenue referred to in this Decree.
d) Develop an information system within the subsystem, in accordance with the provisions issued by the CSSMP and the Ministry of Health, which contains, among other things, the census of participants and beneficiaries, their socioeconomic characteristics, health status and register membership of staff belonging to the subsystem and the corresponding identification issue.
e) Develop and submit for consideration by the Health Committee of the Armed Forces and the general CSSMP the management program, internal transfer and application of funds for the subsystem.
f) Systematically assess the quality, efficiency, effectiveness and equity of the direct and contracted services provided by the Subsystem.
g) Organize and coordinate the system cost, billing, information and quality assurance of the subsystem.
h) To prepare studies and proposals required by the Health Committee of the Armed Forces, the CSSMP or Minister of National Defence.
i) Develop and submit for consideration of the Health Committee of the Armed Forces and the CSSMP the Services Plan of the Military Health Service and Police, subject to available resources for health service provision in the Health Subsystem of Military Forces.
j) Evaluate and submit to the Health Committee of the Armed Forces the report and findings of Military Medical Establishments.
k) Prepare the draft budget for investment and operation plans for the system of benefits provided for in this Decree, for the concept of the Health Committee of the Armed Forces and approval of CSSMP.
l) To monitor the budget and assess the cost - effectiveness of resource utilization by the Subsystem Health of Military Forces.
m) To recommend schemes for referral and adoption by the CSSMP.
n) Coordinate with the Defence Ministry units鈥 management to obtain additional resources in order to optimize the health service in the Armed Forces.
o) Coordinate activities of Subsystem Health of Military Forces in logistical support to military operations.
p) Develop in coordination with the Directorates of Healths project development plan to be presented to the Health Committee of the Armed Forces for their concept and approval by CSSMP.
q) Other functions assigned by the Act and regulations.

Act 352 of 1997
Decree 2193 of 1997
Decree 1795 of 2000
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