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Control Entities

lunes, noviembre 30, 2009

Entities engaged in surveillance and control of the Subsystem of Health of Military Forces:
• Presidency of the Republic
• Congress of the Republic: political and fiscal control through the statutory auditing commission
• Comptroller General of the Republic: Fiscal Control.
• Attorney Generals Office: Discipline Inspection.
• Attorney Generals Office: Criminal Control.
• Accounts of the Nation
• Ministry of Social Protection.
• National Health Authority: Inspection, Monitoring and control as emergency rule.
• Administrative Department of Public Function
• Internal Control Office, Ministry of National Defence.
• Directorate General of Military Health through the Division of Inspection and Supervision.
In accordance with the principles of coordination and collaboration that should be given in public administration is ongoing communication with state bodies at sector level as the Ministry of Finance, the National Institute of Health, Ministry of Social Welfare and Administrative Department of Public Function, among others.
Control Mechanisms of Subsystem Health of Military Forces can be stated as follows:
• Strategic Plan.
• Action Plans.
• Implementation of Internal Control Standard Model (MECI).
• Implementation of Quality Management System.
• Risk Maps.
• Improvement Plans.
• Buying Plan.
• Training and Welfare Plan
• Management Reports.
• Evaluation Report on Internal Control System.
• Reporting Information System for State Contracting (SICE)

In addition each subsystem officials exercise their own self-improvement plans.
Social Control
Users of the Subsystem Health of Military Forces can also exert social control through citizen participation mechanisms such as suggestion boxes, complaints and claims (via e-mail, mail and fax), national toll-free and national service offices for users.
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