Dirección General de Sanidad Militar

Direccion General de Sanidad Militar
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First Public Tender Announcement 2012

To Natural, corporate bodies, or foreign persons

2012-05-15 12:16:37

OBJECT: ACQUISITION OF THE STORAGE SOLUTIONS SAN Y THREE 03 BLADE SERVERS SELECTION MODE: the contract mode is the public tender from the 30th article from the lay no.80 from 1993, second article numeral 1 from the law no. 1150 of 2007 and the 2nd article numeral 1 decree 2472 of 2008. OFFICIAL BUDGET: SEVEN HUNDRED AND NINE MILLIONS FIVE HUNDRED AND FORTY FIVE THOUSAND PESOS 709.545.000, with charge to the budged availability certificate no.8512 of march 13th of 2012. PRE DOCUMENT AND THE DEFINITIVE DOCUMENT: in the publication of the web page www.contratos.gov.co. PHYSICAL PLACE OF THE CONSULT: NATIONAL DEFENSE MINISTRY - GENERAL COMMAND OF THE MILITARY FORCES MILITARY HEALTH CHIEFS OFFICE located in the carrera 10 no.27-51 Residencias Tequendama Torre Norte office 301 Bogotá. Telephones 3238555 ext.112-113