Direcci髇 General de Sanidad Militar

Direccion General de Sanidad Militar

Citizen Information Services

mi茅rcoles, marzo 14, 2012

Here you can write your complaints, claims and requests they will be received by the Management Systems Group of the Directorate General of Military Health who will be responsible for implementing the procedure to give response to your request

If you want to create or view a complaint, a complaint, petition or suggestion about the quality of health services Subsystem of Health of the Armed Forces, please access requests System complains and fill out the information requested on the form.

In accordance with the legal provisions of the Code on Administrative Law request, the terms are appropriate to address :

- Fifteen (15) days to answer

It is the manifestation of protest, censorship, discontent or disagreement which makes a person in relation to misconduct by one or more public servants in performance of its functions.

It is the manifestation, whether general or particular reason concerning the improper provision of a service or intent of a timely request

It is the proposal presented to influence or improve a process whose object is related to the provision of a service or performance of a public function.

Information requests:
Is the requirement that makes the citizen (a) one or more Units of the Directorate General of Military Health to provide that information and guidance related to the services of each entity.

- Ten (10) days to respond :
Requests for copies of documents issued.

- Thirty (30) days to respond :

What our users is critical to the continuous improvement of health services Subsystem.

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